Develop the passion for learning with our JC economics tutors

The JC Economics Tutors have a strong passion for imparting knowledge to their students. They have decades of teaching experience to guide students through the challenging economic concepts and key terms. On top of that, tutors will conduct guided class practices to facilitate conceptual understanding and the development of writing skills.

How our JC economics tutors can help students to ace the exam?

Learning the JC Economics syllabus can be difficult and trying at times, due to the frictional nature of learning a new subject. The tutors at Economics Tuition Bishan will use tried and tested methods to ease students into the study of economics through progressive learning. Once students get the hang of basic economic concepts, tutors will seek to accelerate the learning of their students through rigorous writing and skills classes.

Clarify your doubts and misconceptions

At Economics Tuition Bishan, the tutors believe in being contactable all the time. Students can not only clarify their doubts during lessons, but they may also drop their tutors a text or call outside of lesson times. The convenience that we bring to students to aid their learning will help them understand the economics concepts better.

Review your answers for essays and CSQs

Students will be required to write practice essays and answer case study questions in class. Tutors will also run through the answers for the questions attempted for students to understand their mistakes. Also, students may run through their schoolwork with tutors too. This provides a comprehensive platform for them to clarify their questions about both schoolwork and economic concepts in general.

Be inspired to explore the field of Economics and beyond

The tutors at Economics Tuition Bishan have an infectious love for economics that rubs off on all their students. Their years of experience with economics and Singapore’s education system form the backbone of their passion to impart knowledge to generations to come. Tutors will share with students their personal experiences on how they overcame academic setbacks and emerged successful. The personal anecdotes will inspire students to push beyond their perceived limitations and develop the passion to learn. Furthermore, the cultivation of mental resilience is important as students advance to higher levels of education.

Economics tutor Simon Ng

Economics tuition is headed by our renowned and reputable GP tutor, Mr Simon Ng who has with him 20 years of teaching experience. He also has a proven track record and has produced numerous students who have achieved outstanding results for their A level examinations over the years. Mr Simon Ng specializes in economics tuition and strives to cultivate rational thinking in students that allows them to develop analytical thinking skills. He has a strong desire to nurture the student’s learning character, especially in the study of A level Economics, which will help students build passion towards learning, resilience against difficulties, perseverance over the path of learning and desire for excellence. Let Mr Simon help you overcome your difficulties, so that you can excel in Economics, today!