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Our GP tuition classes help students to acquire the relevant skills needed to excel in their GP paper. The GP paper consists of 2 components, the GP essay writing component and the comprehension component. All of which are important if a student wants to do well for GP. As such our classes are structured around these key areas. Tutors will provide students with plenty of practice questions and opportunities so they can hone their skills and develop the knowledge and exposure to understand various issues that are set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board. The GP tutors will guide students through the rigour of syllabus in a progressive manner, giving students the opportunity to explore the different issues and apply their knowledge in class practices.

Well rounded education at our GP tuition classes

GP tuition at our centres are different in terms of teaching methods employed. We pride ourselves in providing our students with a holistic education with a wide array of GP programmes available. These are aimed at strengthening students’ ability to tackle the GP paper. These programmes include the regular GP tuition classes and intensive revision programmes that will be explained in more detail. Find out more about what makes our classes so special below.

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Our GP tuition broadens your horizons and helps students gain diverse perspectives during our regular GP tuition classes. Regular GP classes are conducted on a weekly basis and classes encourage students to participate in discussions allowing students to develop their own views and perspectives. GP tutors will explore various topics together with students every lesson, covering issues like culture, education, social media, science and technology, and youths. By devoting sufficient time towards each topic, it gives students the chance to examine the contributing factors, impact analysis and policy evaluation to obtain a more comprehensive coverage for their revision. Aside from gaining knowledge students will learn how to integrate knowledge from various issues to answer GP essay and comprehension questions. Such a skill is important because there has been a trend whereby examiners are combining topics into a single question. Our tutors impart both knowledge and techniques so students will be able to pick up the necessary skills to handle these developments.

Be exam ready with our GP intensive revision classes

School holidays are an important period for students as it is a time for many to catch up on revision and practice. Our GP classes are focused on the development of GP essay writing and comprehension answering techniques to prepare students for the new term ahead. Tutors will use this time to impart new techniques to students as well, to allow them to gain a competitive edge over their peers. The intensive revision programme will strengthen facilitate the cultivation of exam skills, like point elaboration, causation writing, paragraph development, rebuttal, and opinionated conclusion. During this time, tutors will also assess the competency of students and at the same time provide them with feedback on ways they can improve upon their essay and comprehension techniques.

Why choose our GP tuition programme?

Students stand to gain by joining our GP tuition programme. Our classes are exam oriented so classes are focused on preparing students for exams. They will be taught answering techniques as well as comprehension and essay techniques to strengthen their level of competency during the examination. We present students with a good variety of practice and exam questions so that they will be familiarised with the different approaches to take when dealing with different questions. Our GP classes are also constantly being revised to suit the changing nature of the syllabus and to stay relevant with syllabus requirements.

Broaden Your Horizons

Students undergoing our GP tuition classes will be exposed to different issues such as environmental problems, economic issues, culture, and science and technology. Our tutors will provide students with in depth analysis on the various issues and will be able to receive comprehensive coverage on content. Students will be made to identify the key terms relating to the context of the issue, pick out the main factors and the positive and negative implications of certain issues relating to that specific theme. This helps to ensure that during the examinations, students will be better prepared to tackle then GP examinations.

Class Practices

Class practices are an important aspect because it allows students to practice writing under exam conditions. This helps to condition them for the examinations allowing them to develop the right ‘exam mind-set’. It is crucial for them to develop such a mindset as it allows students to stay calm and collected during such times and in turn it enables them to think clearly and remember more of whatever they have learnt. Class practices are done on a regular basis and students will be exposed to different question types as well as the necessary thinking and writing skills. For essay practices, students will be tasked to develop essay outlines to facilitate brainstorming and planning of essays. Ample practice will allow students to convey their ideas across to the examiner in a more concise manner, hence improving the GP grade.

Develop the skills needed to excel in GP

The GP tuition programme features extensive coverage on skills development. Skills development helps to refine the student’s ability to provide clearer and more concise explanation and evaluation in a more organized manner. Expression of ideas is also made easier with the use of such techniques. The impartation of such skills are done in a progressive manner so as to facilitate learning and retention of knowledge. Given the limited time each student is given to complete the GP paper, it is of great importance that students brush up and sharpen their explanation and evaluation skills during the preparation phases. Students will learn how to synergize their knowledge of various topics to provide more in-depth and nuanced views to raise the quality of answers.

Exam-oriented GP classes

Our GP classes are structured to suit the rigour of examinations. Tutors are focused on preparing students for the A level GP examinations by conducting a wide range of class activities like like trend reading, time trials and skills-based orientation. Tutors are consistently preparing materials for students and are making use of E-learning programmes to supplement learning. Educational resources are also constantly being uploaded online to ensure students have the optimal set of educational resources to give them an edge over their peers. Emphasis on knowledge integration with the various skills acquired from tuition will aid in the improvement of writing proficiency.

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