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GPTuitionSingapore.com.sg is a subject-specific web portal that aims to provide students with top class GP tuition for those undergoing their A level GP examinations. GPTuitionSingapore.com.sg is committed to helping students excel in their GP through the development of maturity of thought, language proficiency and opinionated thinking. Our tutors are constantly exposing students to a wide array of questions so that they will be well versed with all question types. Furthermore world issues are widely discussed during lessons to provide students with a broader perspective so that they will be better able to understand issues surrounding our world. Furthermore classes are exam-centric which means all effort is made to ensure students will be prepared fully when it comes to their examinations.

Why Choose GPTuitionSingapore.com.sg?

GPTuitionSingapore.com.sg offers the most comprehensive and holistic GP tuition programmes in Singapore. It features reputable tuition centres within your vicinity, thus saving you the hassle of having to plow through tons of information to go look for one. Our featured tuition centres on this website are headed by reputable, exam oriented tutors who share the same vision of providing students with only the best GP tuition.

Concise and Exam-Friendly GP Notes

We have a huge range of extensive GP notes available on our website that students can access. These GP notes will be beneficial in raising awareness and advancing their revision for GP. Our notes are organised according to topics on a thematic basis and are contributed by tutors, and students. They are also under a constant basis of being reviewed to ensure its validity and relevance in accordance to the latest syllabus.

Exceptional GP Model Essays

Our GP model essays can be accessed by all our students. They are written by experienced tutors, who have applied effective writing skills to structure their answers. Students, whose essays are of exceptional quality will also be featured on the website as well. This allows for students to emulate the positive examples from these essays and apply them to their own essay thereby raising the quality of answers during examinations.

Hone Your Essay Writing Skills

Writing of a GP essay is a skill that can definitely be acquired through the right tutor and the presence of a suitable learning environment. These are essential factors that give rise to better essay writing on the part of the students. We believe that our GP tuition classes are able to provide both of these to students so that they can optimize learning. Classes conducted will give students the opportunity to refine their essay writing skills to prepare for the challenges of the GP essay component. Furthermore exposed to a good range of topics and questions is done on a constant basis so as to better prepare them for the GP examination. Given the understanding that the recent past year examinations test student’s ability to integrate knowledge from multiple themes, students will acquire these essential skills to surmount this academic impediment.

Sharpen GP Comprehension Skills

Comprehension is a component of the GP paper 2 and requires skills such as information extraction, paraphrasing and inference. These are essential skills needed for students to excel in the GP comprehension component. With the help of our experienced and reputable GP tutors, students can work on sharpening their comprehension techniques to excel in this component. Apart from comprehension, students will also be taught the skills of summary writing and application question (AQ), both of which constitutes a significant part of the GP paper 2 component. Through this, students attending our GP tuition classes will be able to have an edge over their peers.

Study-Effective E-Learning Programme

Our E-learning programmes have been used widely by countless numbers of students due to its functionality and convenience. We at GPTuitionSingapore.com.sg want harness the power of technology to enrich the learning experience of students. We use E-Learning programmes from MobileLearners to better supplement student’s learning and revision for the A level examinations. We have a variety of E-learning material online to cater to the varying needs of students, they include, online notes, educational videos, questions, essays and resources. These are just some of the many digital tools we have at our disposal to help students learn more effectively and conveniently. Our E-learning programme also features online consultation sessions so students can clarify any doubts they have wherever they go. Find out more about our E-Learning features below.

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Start with the best, and we guarantee you will end off better. With our unparalleled teaching methodology and teaching resources available at all our featured tuition centres, you will be on your way to excelling your A level GP examinations.