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JC General Paper
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JC Economics Essays

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Economics Tuition Singapore

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Economics Tuition Bishan has a team of dedicated and experienced tutors that will guide students through the study of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. The students’ preparation for A Level Economics is facilitated by the conduct of regular economics tuition and intensive revision classes. These programmes will bolster their knowledge and skills needed to excel in the A Level Economics Examination. At the end of the journey, students will be equipped with vast knowledge and economics acumen to handle the demands of the examination.

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JC1/JC2 Economics Tuition

Join the JC1 and JC2 Economics Tuition to build up a firm grasp of the economics concepts through our tutorials and class discussions, which cover topics like the Theory of Demand and Supply, Cost of Production and Market Failures.

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JC1 and JC2 GP Tuition

Join our GP Tuition  for J1 and J2 students. Analyse GP issues, like Culture, Youths, Social Issues, Science and Technology and Environment. Learn to write well and ace the GP comprehension and essay questions.

Discover exam-smart strategies

Join our economics tuition classes now to possess a competitive advantage over your peers at schools.

Why join our economics tuition?

Every student strives to achieve good grades in examinations. However, not all of them have the means to do so. At Economics Tuition Bishan, we develop our students’ proficiency to express their points and utilize economics-related knowledge to comprehend the changes in the the economics situations at the individual, organizational, national, and international levels. The understanding of these factors will form the knowledge base for economics. Moreover, the tutors will impart key skills to aid students in understanding and answering examination questions that will help students to excel in the A Level Economics Examination.

Access concise and exam-friendly notes

Students at Economics Tuition Bishan have access to comprehensive economics notes prepared by the JC economics tutors. The notes are structured according to the different Microeconomics and Macroeconomics topics, giving a thematic split that students will find easy to access and read. In addition, the notes are refined periodically to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest developments of the A Level Economics Examination. For example, examination questions in recent years tend to require the integration of economics concepts from multiple topics. The notes provided by Economics Tuition Bishan have adapted to the changing landscape of the economics education environment in Singapore and provided notes that match the ever-changing needs of students.

Receive close guidance and consultation from tutors

Students who sign up with Economics Tuition Bishan will be put in touch with the most dedicated economics tutors in Singapore. Students may seek guidance from tutors to overcome their learning obstacles and accelerate their learning process. Tutors assess each and every student’s essay and case study answers, understanding their strength and weaknesses, and finally adapting their teaching method to fit the profile of the student. Students will receive feedback from the tutors, seen in terms of the errors identified. Solutions are provided to explain how students can improve their answers. Therefore, the ease of access to economics tutors will build up the confidence of students and facilitate their learning.

Achieve a better understanding of economics concepts

Students will introduced to the various economics concepts in an instructional manner, where tutors will provide clear explanation with supporting real world examples. Most students will struggle with economics terms when they first start learning the subject. Tutors will break down the abstract-sounding economics terms and concepts to help students understand the subject better. The tutors will then reinforce conceptual understanding by providing sample questions for students to apply their knowledge in a stress-free, controlled classroom environment.

Develop proficient writing and analytical skills

Students will pick up key writing and analytical skills through the focused classes at Economics Tuition Bishan. The cultivation of writing and thinking skills is paramount when taking A Level Economics. A student with deep knowledge of economics without complementary writing skills will not achieve the grades that their knowledge deserves in an examination. At Economics Tuition Bishan, students will be tasked to handle economics data and extract out the underlying implications of economic trends. Moreover, they will pick up key essay writing skills such as paragraph development, evaluation, and opinionated conclusions. The accumulation of skills attained will enable students to answer examination questions effectively and coherently.

Features of our economics tuition programme

The tuition classes at Economics Tuition Bishan are split into two different programmes – Regular Economics Tuition and Intensive Revision Programme. The rationale for differentiated classes is to provide adequate and required coverage of the content enrichment and skills development respectively. It is imperative for students to undertake consistent revision of the economic topics to facilitate the retention of knowledge. Also, the distinctive classes are organized based in the amount of time that students have during their phase of study. The two programmes work hand in hand to deliver the best economics education that JC students can wish for, helping them achieve their desired goals.

Get a headstart with our regular economics tuition

Regular Economics Tuition classes are held on a weekly basis to sure that students receive consistent help for the study of economics. These classes cover the content of various economics topics to strengthen students’ economic knowledge. For a start, the tutors will explain the key economics terms and concepts. They will then introduce the students to various factors, impact analysis and evaluation. The experience of tutors with regards to economic studies enables them to provide real world examples to supplement the content required as per the A Level Economics Syllabus. This allows students to grasp the concepts with greater ease and accelerate their learning.

Refine writing and thinking skills with the intensive revision programme

Intensive Revision Classes are focused on the nurturing of application skills that enable students to meet the exam requirements. For instance, students will build up their skills of trend analysis to better answer case study questions. They will be trained to identify patterns and make comparative statements. On the economics essays side, students will learn how to structure their writing and develop their paragraph to be succinct and content-rich. Through an application-oriented method, students will develop these skills by attempting practice questions during the classes. In addition, tutors will assess the ability of students to apply these skills and provide guidance on these developments.